The story behind our State Flag is powerful and reminds us of the great heritage of our state – the People!

Mama Pelican

Help Senator Gatti acknowledge those in our area who exemplify selfless sacrifice for the next generation.

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The story behind our flag and The Mama Pelican is an inspirational story of sacrifice. Senator Gatti represents Bossier, Webster, Claiborne, and Bienville Parishes in the Louisiana State Senate. Senator Gatti visited each school in his district within 22 months of his swearing in and provided each school with a US Flag and a State Flag. At each visit he told the story of the Mama Pelican and was inspired from the responses of the students to create the Mama Pelican Award.
There are Mama Pelicans all around us. Thank the Mama Pelicans in your life.

Do you know a Mama Pelican?

The story behind our State Flag is powerful and reminds us of the great heritage of our state – the People!

The Mama Pelican went out in the swamp to find food for her chicks. She found no food and returned to the nest. She began to pluck feathers from her chest to feed her young babies. The three drops of blood on our flag acknowledge the great sacrifice the Mama Pelican made for her children.

We all have Mama Pelicans in our lives. Those that sacrifice for us so that we can have a chance of a better life. They give their time, talent or treasure so that we can survive and have a better life. Every time I tell the story of the flag to our students, they say that the Mama Pelican in their lives are their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, Mimi and Papaws, teachers, firemen, policeman, our military and Christ.

Take a few moments and reflect on the Mama Pelicans in your life. Send us an essay on your Mama Pelican and we will select a few winners who will receive a Mama Pelican Certificate and a State Flag flown at the Capital in their Honor.

Louisiana’s greatest asset are its people and especially those Mama Pelicans – those men and women – who sacrifice in a big way for the next generation.

Each time you pass by a Louisiana Flag, take a long look and remember the Mama Pelicans in your life and thank them for their sacrifice.

Mama Pelican

Nominate a Mama Pelican by writing an essay!

Or essay nominations can be sent by mail.

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